World Series of Backgammon Launches its Web Platform and Backgammon Series

The WSOB (World Series of Backgammon) launched its dynamic backgammon platform at on July 24th, 2009 offering registered gamers heads-up action aside from qualifying backgammon events for live backgammon tour events. The WSOB started its 3rd season at the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes on July 21st, 2009.

This 6 day tournament will be followed by a backgammon event in Prague that will begin on September 16th, 2009 until September 20th, 2009 and one backgammon event London on October 20th, 2009 until October 26th, 2009. Great Britain's capital will then host the finale from the Loose Cannon Poker Club later this year with participants competing for 320,000 euros. The World series of Backgammon brand is now On A Roll Limited exclusively.

Managing Director Andy Bell was the inventor of the idea almost 3 years ago and stated that the WSOB brand's online gaming platform opens big time backgammon events to ordinary players. Bell said that they are very happy to have come a long way to be where they are right now at the beginning of this backgammon tour.

Bell said that with the help of new gaming partnerships, the new platform will hopefully be the base of thousands of backgammon gamers who are looking for a place where they can enjoy regular backgammon match and live play. The mix of both web and live backgammon events aside from the TV agreements that they have in place with ESPN International and Eurosport makes this an attractive combination.

Backgammon enthusiasts can collect points by winning events at one of the three stops of the series, which helps their standing on the leaderboard. Those individuals that are holding the most points by the end of the series will be invited to join the semi-finals which will happen online.


August 05, 2009