The Comprehensive Guide of Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon is a fluid game where success can be achieved via a variety of means. Given that you have many ways to tailor your online backgammon strategy.

In a nutshell, backgammon is basically a race and given the backgammon rules you can decide to get your men home as quickly as possible or try to trap the back-men of your opponent so they can’t get out. Your backgammon strategy will dictate your decision.

The dice will play a large part in affecting what you do but your fondness for attack or defense will largely influence things.

So with that in mind what should you try to focus on regarding your backgammon strategy when you are playing.

  • If you are behind you need to maintain your holding point or anchor as long as you can.
  • Don’t bury your checkers by taking them out of them game. The 1 and 2 points are worthless to you.This is the equivalent of online backgammon suicide.
  • You want to try and make as many points as you can in your home board. This will trap your opponent if he still has pieces there or will make it very hard for him to come off the bar if you hit him.
  • The points that you really want to get are the five, four and seven points. These are golden backgammon rules.
  • If you want to separate your back men it is best to do it at the start of the game before your opponent has had a chance to settle. Backgammon strategy is split on what the right decision is in this instance.
  • Furthermore if you can separate them and only to be able to build a point in your opponent’s home board that will benefit you greatly. As important as the five point is to you, the ability to anchor on the five point in the opponent’s home board is a great move.
  • Be aggressive and create builders in the hope of building points. If you are hit you can turn your focus to the back-game.
  • Don’t hit if it is going to put you in a vulnerable position.
  • If you are going to leave more than one blot try to make it the same number needed to hit both. This is known as duplication. That minimizes your opponent’s chance of hitting and also leaves him in a bind as to which to hit. Of course the merit of this plan goes out the window if he gets doubles.
  • What are some other things you should be aware of when it comes to backgammon strategy?


    Sound backgammon strategy dictates that you want your pieces spread evenly around the board. There is no point in having more than three checkers on any single point. It denies your flexibility and forces you to do moves which are going to be counter-productive. Conversely the more balanced your pieces are spread the more options on the dice you have to do something positive.


    Your propensity to leave exposed men should be in direct correlation to your opponent’s home board. If he has a closed board the last thing you would want to do is be hit but if all he has is the six point, who cares if you are leaving blots around? If you don’t get hit its great and if you do there is no problems with re-entering.

    Building Early

    Taking the five, four and seven points early is great for two reasons and one of the key aims when it comes to backgammon strategy. Not only are you bringing your men home but you are also blocking your opponent in. That in turn restricts the amount of options he has and may force him to open up.

    Written by Irene Jones: Backgammon columnist.