The Quackgammon Board Game of Endless Games

On April 1st, 2009, Quackgammon is a family-friendly version of the game of backgammon recently launched by America's classic board game manufacturer Endless Games. The one-of- a kind travel board game was recently introduced by Endless Games at the New York Toy Fair in February 2009. The game will be ready for ship in June 2009. Quackgammon looks like the standard backgammon game and is exciting and informative for the family and friends.

Quackgammon is a much easier and simpler variation of the game of backgammon. The board's design allows for quick game play that can be enjoyed by the whole family or friends especially young kids. A couple of features that distinguish Quackgammon from standard backgammon game are a small group of flying fowl that can be found on the board game. While in the standard backgammon, participants move their fifteen checkers (also known as pawns, counters and chips) around the board; in Quackgammon, each participant moves their flock of three mallards around a lake (board).


April 19, 2009