Play65 Debuts Giants Backgammon Room

On July 20th, 2008, internet backgammon room Play65 has debut their new and exclusive gambling room named the Giants Room, in which players that possess a high skill level can play backgammon on the internet against other players at reasonable rates. Membership on the Giants Room is available to all of Play65 championship level backgammon players that possess rating points more than 1800.

Ever since its debut in 2004, the Play65 online backgammon room attracted players from all over the world with different skill levels. Because of the growth of championship level players, Play65 has decided to make a room exclusively for these players. The VIP among the Play65 Giants Room members will enjoy a reduced commission rate of 2.45 percent for every game that they play (series or single games) played on $500 or more.

While intermediate backgammon players will enjoy a discount of ten percent for every game that they play on less than fifty percent and a fifteen percent discount of $50 games or up. The maximum commission that the Giants Room requires is $20 per game. The Play65 rating system was made to determine the skill level that a player possess.

Based on the FIBS rating system, a player's skill level is determined by their win or lose percentage at the games that they are playing online. Play65 holds two weekly events with cash prizes for players that have rating lower than 1650.


August 03, 2008