Mindgammon Inc To Launch Mindgammon Game in Late Spring

On May 9th, 2008, it was announced that after years of careful planning and commitment, Mindgammon, the board game will be available for purchase by the public in late spring this year. After its launched, the game can be bought from the official site of the game, Mindgammoninc.com. By the end of fall, the game will be available at major retail facilities in the United States and Canada and through catalogs just in time for Christmas. Players can also play Mindgammon on the Internet.

Christian Bailey, the president of Mindgammon Incorporated said that the game is a variation of the original game and was conceptualized by Wayne Hulsen, the head of the company after twenty years of planning and developing the next variation of the game. He added that Chairman Hulsen wants to make a backgammon game that can be easily understood by a lot of people even beginners.

Changes to board games are not new. Senet is categorized as one of the oldest board games in existence. Hieroglyphics representing a Senet board game that were found dates back to 3100 B.C. and modifications of the game have been discovered to be illustrated in a lot of Egyptian tombs like King Tutankhamen's tomb. Senet resembled the board game that we know now as Backgammon, with different moves decided by the dice. Senet, over the period of three thousand years, went through a lot of modifications with the Roman, French, Germans and other civilizations contributing to the modifications in the game.

The earliest use of backgammon as a word can be traced back in 1650 and is derived from the word "back" and medieval English "games" which means game or play. The most recent innovation to the game was the introduction of the doubling dice back in 1926. For almost half a decade, Bailey and Hulsen developed the idea to make sure that it will be able to meet all the standards of the industry. Back in 2005, they tested Mindgammon at the Chicago Toy and Fair Game and the reactions of the audience were pretty encouraging.


May 19, 2008