The Thousands Islands Backgammon Event at the Pine Tree Point Resort

It was managed in the 1970's by well-known political activist and Chicago 7 member Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman but the Thousands Islands Backgammon Tournament has outlasted that period and brought entertainment to the area annually since then. Over the sound of the dice being rolled, the director of the backgammon tournament voiced his satisfaction of this year's event.

Eden W. Windish said that he is very happy about the way that the event is coming along. The weekend-long backgammon event was held at the Pine Tree Point Resort beginning on August 1st, 2009. The co-director and organizer of the event, Renee H. Rosenbloom said that she already has reserved the hotel for next year's backgammon event because of its unique location and accomodating hotel staff. Rosenbloom said that twenty-seven backgammon players from the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and the country of Canada.

The competition also featured doubles matches and is affiliated with the ABT (American Backgammon Tour), which gives players points toward an overall championship score for each backgammon event they win.

One of the players that have participated in the tournament a number of times was Richard Munitz of Suffern. He has won the backgammon tournament twice in the past 3 years and said that the level of play in the tournament is excellent. Munitz, who won the American Backgammon Tour in 2006 and is ranked 30th in the world, said that he enjoys the complexity and challenge that Backgammon presents.

Antoinette-Marie Williams of Manhattan, New York has had enough time to appreciate the characteristics of the game. She has been playing the game since 1973 and participating in the Thousand Islands Backgammon tournament for nearly twenty years. Williams said that she always enjoy participating in the tournament since she can meet old friends and test her skills against new players.

Williams has won backgammon tournaments from Monte Carlo to Nevada and is known in the circuit as "the double threes queen" for the necklace she constantly wears of dice showing 3 dots. Williams said that new backgammon players should not be afraid to take chances because it will help them during a game.


August 19, 2009