Tassilo Rzymann Wins the Nordic Backgammon Open

On March 28th, 2008, the latest World Series of Backgammon event, which is the Nordic Open in Denmark. The event was held at the Hotel Marienlyst during the Easter weekend in Helsingor. The event featured a final showdown between film company head Tassilo Rzymann against Danish number one and backgammon teacher Christian Mathiesen.

In the end, Rzymann was able to defeat Mathiesen in a seventeen point match. The match was watched by a very enthusiastic crowd, with the Danish player bringing his four hundred supporters for the event and a lot of backgammon enthusiasts crowded around the final table for a better view.

Rzymann won a total of 32,000 euros in cash prizes and 10,000 euros lot at the end of the season World Series of Backgammon event in Cannes, France this July. He also won the gold cube champion trophy worth 7,000 euros. The final heads-up showdown followed a ten thousand dollars stake, five point match between poker player and backgammon player Gus Hansen and European Poker Tour Barcelona Champion, Sander Lylloff, which will be shown in television as a part of the World Series of Backgammon television coverage.

The respected Nordic Open is already in its second decade and will be shown all over the world in Eurosport and ESPJ for the first time under the World Series of Backgammon. About 154 players participated in the event and paid the 800 euros to join the championship, an improvement from the 125 player who participated in the UK Masters event last November 2007.

Some of the players that participated in the event are Gus Hansen, Claus Cato and Sander Lylloff. Hansen also joined the commentary group of the World Series of Backgammon and will be present in Cannes, France to cover the final event of the current backgammon season.


April 22, 2008