PosiMotion Releases Games for iPhone and iPod Touch Like Backgammon

On August 3rd, 2008, PosiMotion, a publisher of games and other gaming applications of the iTunes App Store, has debut three brand new gaming tables for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The three new gaming releases will join PosiMotion's seven previously debuted gaming applications, which have been a great hit among customers via the App Store. PosiMotion has also launched a free update for their A-Level application and players can download it.

As the name suggests, Kaleidoscope transforms an iPhone and iPod Touch into a Kaleidoscope. Players can download any image from the iPhone or iPod Touch's picture library into Kaleidoscope to view the picture in a different perspective. Players can tilt their iPhone or iPod Touch to change the prospective of the Kaleidoscope and fix the application to automatic to view the image into different shapes and colors.

The Freeze option stops the action, allowing the player to get a screenshot of the image or zoom on it. The Kaleidoscope game can be downloaded for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store. A demo version, the Kaleidoscope Lite can be downloaded with no cost at all.

Some of the additional games that PosiMotion released are 1st, the Solitaire Top 3. Some of the solitaire games that players can pick are Klondike, FreeCell and Spider. Players will spend $3.99. Players can also enjoy its outstanding animation and high resolution and is appropriate for any age.

2nd, pool. This highly interesting pool game features an eight ball and nine ball games that have a good graphics, high class animation and sounds and interactive slider interface for $5.99. 3rd, backgammon classic. Players can now turn their iPhone or iPod Touch into a backgammon gaming table. It also has three levels of difficulty, a checker movement and cost around $5.99.


August 20, 2008