Play65s "Mars" Backgammon Channel Launch in Israel

Play65 is pleased to announce that it had launched a new backgammon channel for its backgammon enthusiasts on May 3rd, 2010. The Play65 backgammon platform is now featured on television (only in the country of Israel for the time being).

The new channel, which is a part of "hot interactive game channels", gives subscribers the golden opportunity to enjoy backgammon with their love ones twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with the help of their remote control for rolling the dice and moving the backgammon pieces around the board.

Play65 invites viewers to stop from just watching and use their TV as a communication equipment with their circle of friends to enjoy backgammon. Bonafied couch potatoes who will transform instantly into backgammon players by opening a real cash player's account on Play65 and make their initial deposit utilizing the special TV bonus codes would be given a special bonus of fifty percent-sixty-five percent of their initial deposit.

"Mars" is the word used in languages in the Middle East for "Gammon", a board game that ends with the winning player scoring double the points. The term "Mars" is also Play65's initial foothold in interactive TV, starting with Israel, where backgammon is considered a national sport.

The brand new backgammon TV features a 24/7 multiple player backgammon tournaments, bonuses and live chat features, similar to what the backgammon room of Play65 has been offering to its millions of players in the past five years.


May 30, 2010