Play65 to Host Backgammon Arena Tournament

online backgammon site Play65 is taking back player to the hedonistic days of ancient Rome by hosting an indulgent backgammon tournament, when more than four thousand euros will be divided over the top thirty-two players.

The last backgammon player who will be the last one left at the arena after defeating the entire playing field will be awarded the 1st place prize of 1,200 euros.

The Roman style four thousand euros backgammon tournament is scheduled on February 28th, 2010 at 20:00 GMT. The Play65 tradition of closing each month with a big backgammon event and large cash pools continues with closing backgammon event of February 2010-4,000 euros Backgammon Arena.

As January 2010 has ended with a $5,000 special event, shortest month of the year will not be close until someone wins the 1,200 euros 1st place cash prize. The 45 euros entry fees of the Backgammon Arena tournament can be won at the numerous satellite tournaments for the event, held everyday from 18:30 to 21:30 GMT, with only three euros entry fees.

Aside from that, free entrance to the satellites can be won by making an initial deposit of 100 euros and inserting the coupon code-BGARENA. The game of backgammon was actually one of the games that have been enjoyed by Roman citizens even back then.

"Tabula", one of the two backgammon like games that were common among Romans, bears the closest resemblance to modern day backgammon. Tabula was also play on a twenty-four point game board, giving victory to the first player who has taken off all his pieces off the board but uses three dice instead of two dice.


March 02, 2010