PartyGaming Positions Itself in the Casino Gaming Market

On February 1st, 2009, the head for online gaming operations of PartyGaming, Jim Ryan stated an overview of his future plans for PartyGaming. Jim Ryan, who is born in Canada, replace fellow Canadian Mitch Garber took over the leadership of PartyGaming in May 2008. Mitch Garber is an outstanding web and technology executive with 22 years of casino gaming experience including serving as the head of St. Minver Limited.

Ryan said that he was faithfully following a three-year goal that has been created to push PartyGaming to a high position in the online gambling market. Ryan stated that they have been faithfully trying to achieve their quarterly profit goals but the whole casino gambling market has change so much that you have to set realistic goals for the company. Jim Ryan said that they are not veering off from their goal of improving their presence in the important gambling markets worldwide and launching new casino games but keeping themselves on track to achieve their goal.

The forty-six year old PartyGaming head stated that he is not one hundred percent sure if online gambling will be given more freedom under the administration of President Barack Obama but said that is making sure that PartyGaming is in a good position to take advantage of the opportunity. Jim Ryan said that there will only be five online poker gaming operators of any importance in the next three years and that he is making sure that PartyGaming will be among those five organizations.

Ryan said that their job is to encourage more player sign-ups and improve their gaming portfolio aside from the game of poker. One of those new games that PartyGaming is offering is backgammon, which is an enjoyable game and becoming a big hit among players. Jim Ryan said that PartyGaming's platform is also a one-stop shop because gamers only need to sign-up and deposit once in order to begin playing.


March 09, 2009