Mark Bramley Takes Home the 10th Yearly Omar Sharif Poker and Backgammon Event Title

The 10th edition of the Omar Sharif Poker and Backgammon event take place on May 16th, 2010. Sketch, a restaurant and club located in the English capital played host to the event.

The Omar Sharif event managed to raise more than one hundred thousand euros that will benefit the One-to-One charity, a nonprofit group dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged children. Some of the most popular poker pros in the international circuit take time off from their busy schedules to join the tournament like Karl Mahrenholz, James Akenhead, Roland De Wolfe, Roberto Romanello and others.

Aside from the presence of poker players at the gaming tables of the tournament, there were a lot of celebrities who have lend their star power to the event like Ed Byrne, Justin Edward, Navin Chowdhry, Douglas Henshali, Neve Campbell and Hardeep Singh Kohli.

The title for the charity poker and backgammon event was won by Mark Bramley. Bramley faced Michael Greco and last year's champion Beverly Pace in the final table The prize payouts for the tournaments are: 1st place: Mark Bramley-3,000 pounds, 2nd place: Beverly Pace-2,000 pounds, 3rd place: Azzy Ashgar-1,250 pounds, 4th place: Jonny Doulton-1,000 pounds, 5th placel Ben Page-800 pounds, 6th place: Kevin Daly-600 pounds, 7th place: Matt Dale-500 pounds, 8th place: Michael Greco-450 pounds and 9th place: Reza Maghzian-400 pounds.


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July 14, 2010