Lyle Rubin Participates in Illinois Backgammon Tournament

On October 21st, 2007, having won two Midwest backgammon championships, ten year-old Lyle Rubin now competes in the adult backgammon circuit. While the game of backgammon is not something that most ten year old kids play, Lyle said that he craves the enjoyment of rolling the dice, not knowing on whether the result will be favorable to him or not. He added and 100 more kids from across the country traveled to Downtown Peoria to join the Illinois State Backgammon Championships at the Holiday Inn City Center.

Admission is absolutely free for the tournament. Lyle participated at the novice category while his parents competed in the advanced division. David Rubin, Lyle's father said that backgammon players had it easy nowadays because players can now practice their skills on the Internet.

Backgammon players usually compete to about twenty tournaments annually, earning points at each victory. In the state of Illinois, there is only other tournament that matches Peoria's size. It is the Midwest Championships in Chicago which is held in late winter or in spring. David Rubin said that a lot of good backgammon players make the jump from backgammon to poker for bigger prizes and more media exposure.

Backgammon prizes are only in thousands of dollars depending on the number of participants. On the other hand, poker tournament can offer millions of dollars in prizes. Rubin said that about 10% of the Texas Holdem poker players are also backgammon players. He hopes that backgammon will experience the same growth that poker is experiencing.

Peorian Cliff Mayoh is a member of the Backgammon Association of Peoria, which is the organizer of the event. In the game of backgammon, players throw the dice to move the checkers around the backgammon board.

The first individual to move the checkers all over the board wins. David Rubin said that the throw of the dice helps players with careful planning and decision making, calculation and facing the unknown without fear.


November 04, 2007