Jadestone Improves Gaming Offering for 2009

On December 15th, 2008, Jadestone Networks has publicly announced that Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG agreed to become a member of their DiceArena Gaming Network multiple player online games service by 2009. Swedish-based Jadestone Networks is the owner and operator of Dice Arena, which has been made to feature a well-known suite of games to casino enthusiasts through the help of European online gambling operators along the same lines like major poker networks. In constant development for over the period of two years, DiceArena offered a pair of dice games at launch, the Dice Holdem and Shoot the Moons.

The first title is inspired by the well-known variation of the game of poker while the second title is a simple to learn gaming alternative for the average player. By 2009, Jadestone Networks plans to add the Liar's Dice Game and the game of Backgammon, bringing its overall number of gaming titles to 4.

The co-Chief Executive Officer for Austria-based Bwin said that they have always believed that Jadestone gives a fresh new look on familiar ideas. He said that the current games of Jadestone have been one of their fastest improving products lately. He added that they have immense expectations that the brand new backgammon game that will be launch in 2009 will be a real winner.

As for the other DiceArena casino table games, the current gaming market is clearly ready for something fresh and interesting. Jadestone stated that DiceArena is destined to become of their most in demand products in the near future with quite a number of well-known networks partners already decided for the next year utilizing games available across the European continent in twenty-three different languages.

Tobias Nissen, the Business Development Director for Jadestone said that there is absolutely no doubt that Bwin has played an important role in pushing Jadestone to where it is placed today. He added that that Bwin had been a good partner in all aspects. It is with immense satisfaction that wee see Bwin improved their partnership with Jadestone to feature their brand new DiceArena games.


March 01, 2009