Iranian Archeologists Finds Ancient Compass,Backgammon Boards on Khark Island

On April 19th, 2008, archeologists from the country of Iran have recently discovered a medieval stone compass and unbelievably, a backgammon board on Khark. Khark is a southern island in Iran. A lot of people on the expedition are really surprise about the discovery especially because of the fact that backgammon is already being enjoyed by ancient people. Backgammon is fast becoming more popular nowadays like poker and blackjack especially with tournaments like the World Series of Backgammon being televised all over the world.

The compass, which is quadrangular shape, has been carefully carved into the uneven grounds beside an ancient highway and has a pair of crossed lines place on top of the whole thing. A global Positioning Satellite study shows that the pair of lines possess cardinal points.

Aside from that, the backgammon boards possess small holes that are carved into the coral reefs of the Khark Island. Reza Moradi-Qiasabadi, an Iranian archeologist commented that their new discoveries date back almost 2,000 years ago. The country's Khark Island can be found 483 kilometers northwest of the Strait of Hormoz and showcases different historical areas like medieval sepulchers, mausoleums and inscriptions.


May 05, 2008