Greentube I.E.S. AG Receives eCOGRAs Seal of Approval

Well-known Austrian gaming software developer Greentube I.E.S. AG has joined the increasing number of web gambling software providers that have passed a professional inspection and strict review process by the independent gamer protection and standard body eCOGRA on December 8th, 2009.

The whole process includes on-site inspection by an audit group tasked with ensuring that all parts of the applicant's gaming software development operations, methodologies and management control systems strictly comply with the international standards stated in eCOGRA's eGAP (generally accepted practices).

Compliance Manager Shaun McCallaghan stated that the compliance study for Greentube I.E.S. AG was made at the organization's Vienna headquarters in September 2009 and reviewed all aspects of the multi-lingual gaming software utilized by Stargames for its games.

These were found to be compliant and the Seals Compliance Committee of eCOGRA approved the accreditation for the group's gaming products, which must be regularly reviewed as the study goes forward. The investigation confirms that the development, implementation, maintenance and security of the games in Greentube's gaming portfolio and back-office systems showcase the industry's best practice standards.

The Head of Integration and Development at Greentube, Thomas Kolbabek, said the study had been strict and thorough. He said that fortunately, they had recently passed the standards of the European Gambling and Betting Association for the game of Backgammon, which are equally tough to pass and that helped them prepare for that part of the inspection.

Kolbabek said that they were very happy to pass the standards of eCOGRA which vindicated the amount of time, resources and energy that they have spend to ensure that their systems and gaming products fulfill international best practice requirements.

Andrew Beveridge, the chief executive of eCOGRA said that Greentube's full commitment to safe and honest gaming and respect for gamers was shown by the exemplary levels of professionalism that the audit group had encountered during the whole review. He added that the group is a noteworthy addition to their increasing list of accredited and monitored software seal holders.

Greentube also commissioned eCOGRA's services to provide monthly casino payout percentage and RNG reviews utilizing live data.


December 21, 2009