GameAccount Solidifies its Position in European Markets Despite the Financial Crisis

Skill games developer and provider GameAccount announced on March 10th, 2009 that more than $100 million has been wagered by their players in the last quarter, a 75% improvement on the past three months. GameAccount, which is a gaming partner to the casino gaming market's bookmakers like Gala Coral, reported an astonishing improvement in the past few months, surpassing dismal financial predictions by gaming analysts.

With an overall wager of 10.5 million pounds in 2007, it only shows that GameAccount is fast becoming an important online gaming group in Great Britain. GameAccount officials states that their active gamer number have improve by 38% on the previous period, with more than 15,000 players logging-on GameAccount websites in the past week alone. The results shows that the time is right for GameAccount's plan to improve its presence in Europe following a collaboration with Gaming VC, the proprietor of the casino club, the dominant online casino site in German-speaking gambling markets and an earlier skill games agreement with Eurobet Italia.

The improvement of the online skill gaming industry is being headed by GameAccount in Great Britain, being the first online gambling group to be legally recognized by the British Gaming Commission. GameAccount manages a vast network of online casino games where players can go head to head for real money or for fun. GameAccount players can now play games like backgammon and they will also have the chance to improve their skills against another player living on another country.

The CEO of GameAccount, Kevin Dale, stated that they are thankful that the ongoing change in the behavior of online players is in their favor. Gaming enthusiasts are turning to the Internet to save money on their gambling activities.

Online casino features different skill games so players can just play on their own homes and there is no need to travel to a land-based casino. Kevin Dale said that they are continually improving their products to strengthen their reputation in the gaming market.


March 22, 2009