BackgammonMasters Expands Gaming Offering of Backgammon, Blackjack to Add Astro Video Slots

On September 10th, 2008, BackgammonMasters Online Gaming operator has recently expanded their gaming lobby to include the AstroPay Video Slots game aside from their usual backgammon offering. The first in a series of Casino Video Games to be launched, AstroPay gives BackgammonMasters players a good casino experience aside from playing the usual offerings like backgammon, blackjack and poker events.

All of the games of BackgammonMasters are unique and one-of-a kind product of the Game Development Team of BackgammonMasters. BackgammonMasters Chief Executive Officer Jay Ryan said that have always been known for their high-class gaming experience and graphics. The good feedback from their customers prompted them to expand their portfolio of casino games. By featuring a wide array of single player and multiplayer casino games, BackgammonMasters has become a one-stop online shop for the most in demand casino games.

During the backgammon and blackjack freeroll events, players can enjoy the different casino table games that the casino offers while passing time for other tables to finish. The attraction of the AstroPay Slots game gives players where they can play up to three different casino games like poker, backgammon and blackjack and now slot machines.


September 15, 2008