Backgammon Site Play65 Launches Backgammon Channel "Mars"

online backgammon site Play65 has announced that it will be launching its first ever backgammon channel on March 1st, 2010. "Mars" (Gammon in Hebrew and other languages in the Middle East) enables television viewers to participate in one-on-one backgammon games with the help of Play65's one-of-a kind gaming software and the television remote control.

The backgammon television channel is only available in Israel for the moment and free to all of the TV subscribers of "HOT" one of the local providers of Cable TV services in Israel. After changing the landscape of online backgammon, Play65 now shifts its attention to interactive TV.

For the meantime, the brand new Play65 backgammon channel gives the TV audience in Israel the chance to escape bad commercials and news and just enjoy backgammon with their family and friends who are subscribed to the same television service.

"Mars" TV viewers who will register accounts on the backgammon site of Play65 would also enjoy bonuses of between fifty percent and sixty-five percent of their initial deposit. The game of backgammon was never a big spectators' sport and the few tests in televising backgammon events on the small screen hardly attracted ratings like in poker tournaments. But astounding success of online backgammon has proved the potential of the game to attract a lot of gamers.


March 17, 2010