The Guide to Online Backgammon Etiquette

Like any games, online backgammon etiquette is important so the game is played in a good spirit. If you want to play backgammon online you still need to be aware of backgammon etiquette.

*No matter how hard it gets and how cruel the dice can be you need to maintain a friendly demeanor and not be difficult to be with. The is the cardinal backgammon rule when it comes to Backgammon Etiquette.

*Try to be a good sport regardless of the outcome.

*Do not talk which your opponent is in the middle of his move.

*Do not blame the outcome on the dice or luck. This is especially the case in online backgammon where no one has any control over the dice.

*Try not to celebrate good rolls and your opponent’s bad ones. So many people violate this aspect of backgammon etiquette.

*Don’t take forever to play your move. Ultimately the amount of things you can do is limited so just pick one of them. Some online backgammon rooms prevent this by forcing players to do their move by a certain time.

Written by Michael Benjamin: Senior Writer.