Assessing Backgammon Game Scenarios

The number of scenarios that can unfurl when you play Backgammon are numerous, and although it can be difficult, learning as many as possible will be important; the more aware you are of the diverse game types, the better off you will become.

One of the most common you will see in games is prime vs. prime. One of the most complex situations you can find yourself in, the setup here involves both players building rows of checkers (at least four) in an attempt to trap checkers and stymie the opposition. When you find yourself in this type of game, your Backgammon strategy should require patience.

The back game is a Backgammon strategy wherein you have two checkers anchored on the opposing board. If you are just beginning in the game, it will be very important that you do not try this. It is only something that comes up when other strategies and tactics do not work out.

The back game is very complicated, and your chance of success is limited by the number of checkers you have left. Usually you will use this option exercised by Backgammon players when their running game or blitz attack is stymied by the opposition.

The scramble is another type of play wherein a player is trying to get a checker back in the home board after being sent on the bar. As the name suggests, the Backgammon strategy for this type is to try and get as many moves in as possible for that piece, and thus leads to a lot of action.

Keep in mind that the action in most Backgammon games tend to make the situation complex, and thus one type can lead to another. A prime vs. prime can turn into a running game if one of the formations is broken. Also, a blitz can easily turn into a back game if your pieces get hit.

The point here is that not only do you need to know a lot of tactics, but you also need to have several in case one plan fails. The mistake of a lot of players is that they get into a game with only one Backgammon strategy in mind. When it fails, they are lost, and do not know how to proceed.

This is the reason why you should make it a point to learn as much as possible. The effort you put in will help you in the long run.