The Art of Reconciliation Backgammon Art Event

On May 15th, 2008, internet backgammon site Play65 is sponsoring a one-of-a kind art exhibition to celebrate the 60th independence day of Israel. The art exhibition, entitled "The Art of Reconciliation" will use the game as a metaphor for Israel's wish for peace and the gaming boards as the canvas.

The art pieces are on display at the Martin Luther King Jr. from May 12th, 2008 until May 18th, 2008. Interested people can also see the exhibition on the Play65 website. The backgammon art exhibit is a joint effort of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C., the B'nai B'rith Facility for Jewish Center and Play65. Play65, which has its main head office in Israel, is one of the sponsors of the art exhibit which brings together sixty-two art pieces, the biographies of the artists concerned and the calendar of events of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be shipped to Israel on August 2008. The one-of-a kind platform of the board and the 60th Independence Day of Israel, gathered a lot of artists to the Backgammon exhibition. Some of the art depicted on the backgammon board are the wrestlers done by Haya Graetz Ran and the Hamsa by Anat Strul. According to the organizers of the event that backgammon is not only a game but it can be a tool for peace and reconciliation.


June 02, 2008